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It's no secret - fitness training has been proven to increase health and wellness, prevent disease, and improve your confidence and outlook on life. Fighting Fit training programs are designed for anyone from teens to seniors, male and female, regardless of your current level of strength and physical fitness.

If you want to live a longer, better life, Fighting Fit has the experience and expertise to help you every step of the way - from muscle mechanics to flexibility and cardiovascular dynamics.

Zee's Blog
Can avocado make your burger healthier?

New research conducted at UCLA shows evidence that fresh Hass avocado may neutralize some of the negative effects of eating a hamburger.

Fat spot reduction

Spot reduction is basically the belief that fat can be reduced from a specific area of the body by performing exercises for the muscles in that area.

Build lean muscle mass fast

Many people want not just strength, but to build lean muscle, whether as 'bulk' around an already lean frame, or to lean out overall. There are few key principles that you need to abide by if you want success.