2 “Sneaky” Food Eating Tricks That FLATTEN Your Belly FAST for Lasting Weight Loss

You see, this natural beef contains high amounts of a fat called CLA, which studies show, actually helps your body burn more fat. Yes, it’s strange but true, eating this odd fat will help you burn more fat.....

Zee's Beef Steak.png

And for you vegetarians out there, our #1 belly-burner is cruciferous vegetables like:

·       Broccoli

·       Cauliflower

·       Kale

·       Brussels Sprouts

·       Because they naturally fight environmental estrogens that make us fat.

·       Now, before we get to our 2nd sneaky eating trick, let’s talk about…

        The #1 weight loss mistake that keeps most dieters from ever becoming slim & trim.                                                           

          I'm not talking about ..... cutting calories for too long.

·       What? But aren’t you supposed to avoid your favorite foods and cut calories week                 

        after week to lose fat?

·       Not so fast.

·       You see, after about 7 days of dieting, your body begins to think you’re starving, so it          

        fights back by conserving calories and reducing your body's #1 fat-burning

        hormone, leptin, by a whopping 50%.

·       As a result, your body starts hoarding calories like a squirrel stores acorns for winter,    

        and you end up burning only half the fat you should be.

·       Soon your weight loss comes to a screeching halt and you give up, and worse yet       

        you start gaining weight because you’ve accidentally lowered your calorie-burning

       metabolism. Sound familiar?

·       But there’s a surprising scientific eating trick that forces leptin to work overtime so it       

        keeps burning fat like crazy. It’s something we call“nutrient confusion…”

·       And here’s how it works:

·       Every day of the week, you simply change the number of calories, fat, protein and    

        carbs you eat–in a very specific way–for just 21 days… this fools your body into

        keeping leptin levels sky-high so your weight loss never slows down. In fact, it 

        doubles in speed!

·       And believe it or not, you really can lose 10… 15… or even 20+ pounds with this

        simple 21-day eating trick. And don’t worry, it’s doctor-approved and suitable for

        virtually everyone, including vegetarians, and even gluten-free dieters.

·       Yes, we're talking about strategic, rapid fat loss in just 21 short days.