Fast-Food Linked To Depression

People who eat fast food are 51% more likely to develop depression.

Researchers studied 8,964 people over a six-month period. None of the participants had been previously diagnosed with depression or had taken anti-depressants. Yet at the end of the study, 493 were diagnosed with depression or had started taking anti-depressants.

The study showed that people who ate fast food were more likely to be single, with poor dietary habits and less likely to be active. They also tended to smoke and work longer hours per week. It also revealed that the more fast food a person ate, the higher their risk to develop depression.

This new study supports a similar one performed in 2011 where 12,059 people were also studied over a six-month period. In that study, a 42% increase in risk for depression was found.

While little is known about the relationship between diet and depression, studies such as these are revealing some of the effects of certain foods or diets on mental health.


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