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What our Client Say

Before working out with Zee, I had gone through a serious injury that left me in a wheelchair for 2 years. When I came to Zee, I had already released 70lbs and needed to take the next step in my health. I had never worked out in my grown life, was self-conscious of myself, and scared that a trainer would judge me also.
However, I was wrong. Zee did not judge me or put me down at all. He gave me the courage to think in ways I never thought I could and the confidence I had been craving for my entire life.
Zee designed a program to suit me and coached me through each exercise, use of each piece of equipment, and advised me on my nutritional intake. In the time I have been training with Zee, I have yet to do a repeat workout. Zee’s workouts consist of effective movements, working multiple muscles giving the most results.
Zee is a patient, knowledgeable trainer, who cared for me and my personal goals and results. I have released an additional 62lbs, gone from size 40 waist to size 31, and feel the best I ever have!
I do not know if I could have entrusted myself with anyone better than Zee. Zee, thank you for continuing to be a major part of my journey!

Rob D
“Prior to working out with Zee of Fighting Fit BC, I had never worked out at a gym before.  I was afraid that I was so out of shape that I wouldn’t be able to complete a workout, but I was also nervous about how to use all the equipment. Zee was extremely positive and encouraging – he explained and demonstrated each exercise and then watched me do them to ensure I was correct in my execution.  The workouts have been completely different each and every day – I have yet to do a repeat workout, some exercises yes, but not the entire workout.  This method of muscle confusion has given me much better tone and definition. The workouts get harder as time goes on so there is a constant challenge and improvement.  By the end of the first month I had enough confidence to join a beginner running class – something else I have never done and wouldn’t have dreamt possible.  Zee will not allow the word “can’t” because whether you know it or not, you can! In 7 months I lost 66 lbs and 49 inches.  I am not dieting nor skipping meals, I am eating smaller portions more frequently, and making healthy choices. I feel great! I have better balance and coordination, tons more energy and am receiving lots of compliments – I’ve had people I know walk right by me and not recognize me! Even though I have reached my goals and look great, I still continue to train with Zee to this day.”  — Shirley S. 
"[Zee]…implemented a carefully designed program of activities to ensure that different muscle groups were used during the course of any given session, preventing injury. [He] was very adept at knowing the limit of my endurance at any stage of development - I was able to place my complete trust in his judgment and pushed myself much harder than otherwise would have been the case. I also found the support of a "real-live" person to be essential to my continued attendance and the personal effort expended. His demeanour and personal manner were very professional at all times, which I greatly appreciated." — Gregory R.
am 55 years old and was a police officer for 25 years. I was always sitting in a police cruiser, going from call to call, and during that time I saw my weight go from 185 to 240 lbs at my heaviest. In October, 2009 I had the scare of my life. I ended up in emergency with a heart ailment, and eventually underwent open-heart surgery to have my aortic valve replaced. After my surgery I took a long look at myself and decided that if I wanted to grow old and see my grandchildren grow up, that I had to do something about my lifestyle. That’s when I contacted Zee at Fighting Fit.   Zee designed a program to suit me, he also provided me with a nutritional program and was able to answer all the questions that I had. I found Zee to be very professional, easy to talk to and very knowledgable with regards to my condition and working out in a way so that I could achieve my goals. I have been working out with Zee for the past 2+ years and even though I have achieved what I set out to do I continue to train with him – I have lost over 70 lbs, and my waist size has shrunk from a 40″ to a 32″. I can honestly say that I would not have been able to achieve my goal without his expertise and guidance. Thanks Zee for adding many years to my life and providing me with the guidence for a better lifestyle.” — Chip. P.
“I hired Zee with a specific goal in mind and a picture of how I wanted my body to look. My original goal was to drop from 185 to 165lbs, and then return to 185lbs. but with lean, defined muscle tone. As of today I am at 174lbs. very lean and very toned. Over two years, I never had the same workout twice. Zee designs workouts tailored to your abilities and goals; challenging but not impossible. Each exercise will, in most cases, combine multiple movements so that my muscles never know what's coming next. If you are looking for a fluffy workout try somewhere else, if you actually want results and will commit to the work, then call Zee.” — Brian M.
“Zee wears a velvet boot - enough kick to make me work, and enough understanding to know when to ease up.” — Sharon B.
“Zee is a goal-oriented person with high standards, for which he achieves great results. His knowledge and attention to detail propels his personal life and his business. He is pleasant and easy to work with and I have no hesitation giving him my highest recommendation. He is well respected in the community and he delivers what he promises.” — Debbie D.
“A well organized leader when tasked to lead, diligent with exceptional attention to detail for working in such extreme and unfavorable conditions whilst in Her Majesty’s Service. Zee’s commitment, pride, work ethic and loyalty to duty are qualities you don’t often see in one person, and he excelled in each of them.”  — Richard T.