Our Platform

All Fighting Fit training programs are based on a platform derived from the UK Special Forces. Whatever the desired outcome, your personalized training regimen will include:

  • Resistance Training
  • Muscle Confusion
  • Isometric Exercise
  • Cardio
  • Circuit Training
  • Endurance Training

Special programs


Learn some of the most effective techniques used by the UK Special Forces. From multiple attackers, disarming of weapons, pressure points, using everyday items as effective weapons and submission tools, to tapping your sixth sense, avoiding confrontation, and controlling the dreaded adrenaline dump.

Personalized Bootcamps


For the truly committed - physically and mentally! Experience change that is second to none – our bootcamps include drag running chutes, agility ladders, obstacle courses, weighted sleds, power bands, hurdles and other apparati. Don’t be afraid - this is as hard as you want or need it to be. This is a bootcamp for everyone! Based on Nike SPARQ Performance Methodology.

Psychological conditioning

Sometimes, the body can only be trained so far, and the mind must then take over. We can help you develop and sustain the motivation required to set and achieve almost any goal. If it works for our clients dealing with something as potentially debilitating as a brain injury, it can work for you.

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